Data Sources

Connection String: Example:Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=$Source;Initial Catalog=$Database;User Id=$User;Password=$Password;
Database Server: Server or instance name where the MS SQL database is located. Name of database server. Include port number if nessacary. Example: database.servername,1234
Database Name: Name of the database that AM will use to gather user data for management.
Database UserName: Username that AM will use to read the database.
Database Password: Password of the database user.
SIS Type: AM currenlty supports two types of input. AM can connect directly to the Infinite Campus student information system, a MS SQL database or a text file. Select either IC/SQL or File for the type of input.
Database Query: Example query for Infinite Campus:
SELECT s.personid, s.studentNumber,scl.number, s.firstname,s.lastname, s.endStatus, cs.value as AUP
From student s
Inner Join school scl on scl.schoolID = s.schoolID
Inner Join campusAttribute ca ON ca.element = 'AUP'
Left outer Join CustomStudent cs on s.personID = cs.personID and cs.attributeID = ca.attributeID
Where (s.activeYear = '1') and (s.endStatus is null) AND (s.endStatus is null or s.endStatus = '' or s.endStatus =' ') and s.serviceType = 'P'