Account Settings

User Name Format: User Name Format can take 8 parameters and unlimited constants.
The parameters are:
%f - First Name
%l - Last Name
%if - First Initial
%il - Last Initial
%xf** - First Name up to chosen number of characters
%xl** - Last Name up to chosen number of characters
%a - School Abbrevation
%n - School Number
Examples(Christopher Smith):
%if%l - CSmith
%f.%l - Christopher.Smith
student.%f.%l - student.Christopher.Smith
%xf03%xl04 - ChrSmit
User Name Length: User Name Length can be up to 20 characters long. The User Name Length field can be blank if the default of up to 20 characters is used.
DONT EXPIRE PASSWORDS Checkbox: Checking DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD checkbox will cause accounts to be created with a non expiring password.
PASS CANT CHANGE: By checking PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE the user will not be able to change their password.
NORMAL ACCOUNT: Checking NORMAL_ACCOUNT will cause the user to change their password upon first logon. The password will expire according to domain policy.
This option cannot be used with DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD or PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE.
Populate Email Address: By checking Populate Email Address, the E-mail field on the General Tab in Active Directory Users and Computers will be populated with format